Never Kiss Your Best Friend Season 1: A Tale of Friendship and Forbidden Love


“Never Kiss Your Best Friend season 1” is a captivating web series that delves into the complexities of relationships, friendship, and the blurred lines between love and friendship. Set in a vibrant urban backdrop, the story revolves around two best friends, Tanie and Sumer, as they navigate the turbulent waters of emotions and the repercussions of crossing the line between friendship and romance.

Never Kiss Your Best Friend - Season 1

STORY-LINE of Never Kiss Your Best Friend Season 1

Episode 1 “First Encounters”:

The series begins with the introduction of Tanie and Sumer, two childhood friends who share an unbreakable bond. As adults, they lead separate lives but reconnect when fate brings them together in Mumbai. The reunion sparks a wave of nostalgia, and the duo soon finds themselves rekindling their friendship. While Sumer is the fun-loving and charming guy, Tanie is the ambitious and headstrong woman with dreams of becoming a successful writer.

Episode 2 – “The Perfect Pairs”:

As Tanie and Sumer reacquaint themselves with each other’s lives, they are reminded of their shared love for literature, music, and the quirky little things that make them perfect pairs. Their bond strengthens, and they become inseparable, relying on each other for emotional support and encouragement. However, unknown to Tanie, Sumer’s feelings for her begin to evolve into something deeper.

Episode 3 – “A Ray of Sunshine”:

Sumer’s best friend, Sahil, returns from abroad and becomes a part of their close-knit circle. Sahil instantly notices Sumer’s growing affection for Tanie, and he encourages Sumer to confess his feelings to her. While Tanie remains oblivious to Sumer’s emotional turmoil, Sahil grapples with his own feelings for her, creating an unforeseen love triangle.

Episode 4 – “Confessions and Confusions”:

Sumer musters the courage to express his love for Tanie, but she reacts with confusion and disbelief. Fearful of losing their cherished friendship, Tanie gently rejects Sumer’s advances, leaving him heartbroken. Meanwhile, Sahil struggles with his emotions, torn between supporting his best friend and acknowledging his own feelings for Tanie.

Episode 5 – “Crossing Boundaries”:

In a vulnerable moment, Sumer and Tanie share an unexpected kiss, blurring the lines between friendship and romance. Filled with guilt and apprehension, they confront the consequences of their actions. The web series takes a dramatic turn as the characters find themselves entangled in a web of emotions and moral dilemmas.

Episode 6 – “Distance and Desires”:

The kiss leaves Tanie and Sumer emotionally conflicted. They decide to maintain distance to evaluate their feelings, but the separation only intensifies their desires. Meanwhile, Sahil becomes aware of their secret, and his trust in their friendship is shattered. The trio faces the biggest challenge in their relationship as they struggle to find common ground.

Episode 7 – “Forgiveness and Redemption”:

Realizing the importance of their friendship, Tanie and Sumer confront their feelings and decide to rebuild their bond. Sahil, after much contemplation, forgives them, understanding the complexity of human emotions. The trio’s friendship strengthens, but unresolved emotions linger beneath the surface, promising a potential upheaval in the future.

Episode 8 – “The Unpredictable Future”:

As the first season draws to a close, Tanie and Sumer’s friendship is on a stable path. However, the underlying emotions and unspoken words hint at an unpredictable future. The web series concludes with a sense of anticipation, leaving viewers eager for more as the characters’ journey of self-discovery and navigating love, friendship, and boundaries continues.

STAR CASTS – Never Kiss Your Best Friend Season 1

Tanie Brar: Played by Aniya Singh – Tanie is the ambitious and headstrong protagonist, striving to become a successful writer. She shares an inseparable bond with her best friend, Sumer, and becomes entangled in a whirlwind of emotions when their friendship is put to the test.

Sumer Singh Dhillon: Played by Nakuul Mehta – Sumer is the charming and fun-loving best friend of Tanie. He harbors deep feelings for her, which he must come to terms with while navigating the complexities of their friendship.

Other Supporting Characters:

  1. Amy: Tanie’s close friend and confidante, portrayed by [Actress Name].
  2. Karthik: Sumer’s friend and advisor, played by [Actor Name].
  3. Rishi: A mutual friend of Tanie and Sumer, portrayed by [Actor Name].
  4. Naina: Tanie’s supportive roommate, played by [Actress Name].
  5. Kabir: Tanie’s childhood friend, portrayed by [Actor Name].

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